Hey there, You've stumbled upon Apostrophe.


Apostrophe was created by a few people who really love discussing great questions, sharing meals with friends, exploring faith, and serving others. 

Very practically that means we do all of those things together on a regular basis. We have discussion groups where we ask the deeper questions of life and talk candidly with each other. Through the Faith Community we explore what it means to have union with God. We serve others and seek to help those who have fallen on hard times. We also host Artist'ry gatherings for artists, storytellers, creators, and musicians to collaborate and share their work.

But more than anything we seek to create a group of people who seek belonging, love to ask the hard questions, and live a life of selfless love for the sake of others.


A community to discover. to awaken. to tell. to believe. to doubt. and to dream.



We don't assume that anyone has it all figured out. So we invite you to engage in the story of Apostrophe.

No matter who you are, you belong with us. Especially if you feel like you don't belong anywhere else.

Much love,